New Homes & Facilities For Bourne End

Hollands Farm represents a unique opportunity to create a vibrant and sustainable new housing development for Bourne End.

The site has been identified by Wycombe District Council for residential development to help with local housing needs and forms part of a wider allocation to deliver new homes, primary school and link road.  The proposed allocation extends over two land ownerships. Catesby Estates plc has been appointed as the land promoter for the southern portion of the site totalling 52 acres and we are working with the neighbouring site to bring forward a cohesive scheme.

Sustainable and Deliverable

We are putting together our proposals for the site and want your help in forming a sustainable and deliverable development that offers real benefits to local people.

These are our initial illustrative proposals for the southern portion of the site. Your feedback will help shape these plans further and we welcome your comments on our proposals.

  • New homes
  • 40% of the new homes delivered will be affordable housing
  • There is a local requirement for space for a new Doctors Surgery, with the possibility this could be sited here
  • Integration of existing Public Right of Way footpaths through the site with in new green corridors
  • Commitment to delivery of primary school
  • Enhanced landscaping and additional ecological and habitat features across the site
  • Vehicle and pedestrian access from Hedsor Road and a secondary access from Heavens Lea
  • New foot and cycle connections supporting access to Bourne End centre and Railway Station
  • Redirected bus service and enhanced provision through the site
  • Contributions to off-site highway improvements as required by the Highway Authority